The OrthoBroker forms partnership with IMD Medical


On the 4th January we made an unprecedented move to form a new partnership with one of the worlds leading manufacturers of orthodontic and endodontic products.


In our ongoing quest to save practices money on their orthodontic products this move has guaranteed a great way to get great quality and globally recognised products at prices never before seen in the UK.


Innovative Material and Devices, Inc. (IMD), was founded in 2004 and engage in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of dental products and personnel protective equipment (PPE) and is one of the industry-leading manufacturers supporting the global market.


Sixteen years ago, they introduced a Niti Super Elastic Arch Wire and a Niti Thermal Active Arch Wire to orthodontic treatment inspired by an orthodontist used to level and align the teeth through a shaped memory alloy wire. With a further understanding of the orthodontists’ requirements, they researched and developed a complete range of orthodontic products to give the better tools and technologies orthodontists need to create the ideal smile. From the metal self-ligating brackets, ceramic brackets, twin brackets, buccal tube, bands to arch wires, springs, elastomerics, and orthodontic instruments, IMD products are precision manufactured to help the orthodontists to reach their goals.


In forming this partnership the OrthoBroker has opened up a pathway for the consumer to buy their goods direct from the manufacturer rather than buying through UK distributors and paying the higher prices that come with this.


A customer of ours recently contacted a leading UK orthodontic distributor for prices on a selection of archwires they regularly order. We compared these prices with the ones now available from IMD and the difference was incredible.


  • Superelastic niti – UK Distributor price  £22.10 per pack – Our price £2.08 per pack
  • Thermal Niti – UK Distributor price – £24.30 per pack – Our price £3.20 per pack
  • Stainless Steel – UK Distributor price – £7.70 per pack – Our £1.60 per pack
  • Beta Titanium – UK Distributor price – £34.80 per pack – £11.99 per pack  


Not only are the prices significantly cheaper, the wires also all come boxed and individually wrapped in hygienic packaging as opposed to loose in a cardboard envelope or plastic bag. The final saving was then finished off with ZERO P&P and shipping costs.


We should add that both these quotes are screen price and have not been subject to any additional discount that may be available on bulk ordering.


Product brochures and pricelists are available to download from the website or contact us via email at  if you would like more information