The OrthoBroker FAQs

What is The OrthoBroker?

The OrthoBroker is a specialist procurement service for Orthodontic and Dental Practices throughout the UK and Ireland. In basic terms we look at the monthly and annual spend for all your orthodontic sundries and consumables and tell you what you should be paying not what you are paying.

Who is The OrthoBroker?

Not so much of a who as it is a collective or an entity. We consult and speak with various people from around the industry and get their valued opinions from everything ranging from pricing, product quality, suppler efficiency, new products and manufacturer/supplier issues. We sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the bold and sometimes fictitious claims made by sales reps up and down the country and make sure you are fully informed on what you are spending your money on and who with.

How can you save me money?

Very easily.  From what we have seen so far not many people are getting good pricing from their suppliers and are paying over the odds for what they use. Its very easy when time is in short supply to take it as gospel that you are getting well looked after and assume you are getting a good price. We analyse your last 12 months spend with your preferred supplier and 8 times out of 10 we see substantial savings can be made by just asking the right questions to the right people.

How much can you save me?

This can range from between 10% and 30% of your current monthly spend. We have seen a few savings even higher than this, while at the same time we’ve also had customers who have great prices already in place that even we couldn’t help. If you imagine taking even just 10% off those monthly invoices you pay then you can picture the kind of annual savings we are making for our customers. The fact we offer a full refund of our fees if we cannot save you a substantial amount of money per year shows how confident we are that big savings are there to be made.

What is the process for getting started?

You hardly have to do a thing. Just drop us an email on or contact one of our account managers Tony Farrar (South & Ireland – & Tony McNeil (Midlands, North & Scotland – and they will talk you through the process. We take a one off fee of £249.00 which is fully refundable if we are unable to offer any substantial savings. All we need from you then is access to your previous 12 months purchase orders/invoices from all you main suppliers and then leave the rest to us. We may have a few questions along the way but nothing too in-depth.  It usually takes 2-3 days and we provide you with a full analysis confirming our findings, recommendations and assistance in renegotiating those improved prices.

Do you only work with Orthodontic Practices?

We work with anyone who offers orthodontic treatment. It doesn’t matter to us whether you are doing 500 or 50 cases a year there are still savings to be made. Obviously the larger your orders are then the larger the overall savings will be, but in our experience suppliers make up the margins lost from offering discounts on bulks buys by charging much higher prices to those ordering in small quantities.

What suppliers do you work with?

We aim to work with all the main UK distributors and suppliers as well as some overseas ones as well.   Its a no brainer for distributors and suppliers to want to work with us as those who don’t are giving up the opportunity to protect any business they have previously been overcharging on and also miss out on the opportunity to quote on any tenders or large quotes we are working on.  We have seen the forward thinking progressive companies reach out to us very quickly and show an eagerness to work with us and they have definitely benefited from this.

Is there anyone you will not work with?

We are open to working with anyone and have established some very good relationships both nationally and internationally. To date we only have two companies that have officially said they wont work with us and after seeing what they have been charging their customers we aren’t surprised. While we don’t work directly with them, we still advise our customers on the products they are buying from them and are still able to save them money by either advising a suitable alternative supplier or assisting them in negotiating a better price. Our door is always open and having seen the business we have had to take away from these companies then we are expecting it to knock very soon.

Do you receive commissions for recommending certain suppliers/products?

We work completely independently and do not receive any financial reward for our recommendations through the OrthoBroker procurement analysis. Any information provided is done purely to benefit the customer and offer the best product at the best price in our opinion. We only offer advice and information to help the customer make an informed decision on what they buy, from whom and at what price.

I bulk buy once a year, can you still help me?

Absolutely. This is even better for us as we have all the information in one easy serving. We can either work retrospectively by taking what quotes you have been given and working on them for you or we can work proactively instead. By working proactively we will take your annual requirements to various suppliers and get you the best deal available without you having to get involved at all.

I’m opening a new practice; can I use your services?

Of course. We have done a lot of that this year with new practices and surgeries opening all the time as the new NHS contracts are handed out. The process is a little bit more in depth and possibly takes a little longer but we’ve had great results every time. This is where our service really comes into its own as it’s a very time consuming process and by allowing us to take the pressure off you or a member of staff it can be a huge relief

What if my current supplier gives me a better price than you get me?

Great! Even better if they do as we have succeeded in our goal to get you a better discount. Whether we do it directly by helping you to negotiate a better price or indirectly by worrying your existing supplier enough that they automatically give you more discount to keep your business then either way we have achieved our goal and saved you money.

What products do you tend to save money on the most?

Its hard to pick one out specifically as there are usually savings to be made on everything. This year we have seen probably the most consistent savings on hand instruments, ceramic brackets, niti wires and elastomeric products.  However, the two largest savings we have made for separate customers was on their metal brackets. Offering both a saving in excess of £5000 annually

I use one supplier for everything, and they’ve looked after me for years so how can you help me?

In our experience this is usually when the biggest savings can be made.  If you’ve got comfortable with a supplier who looks after you and offers you a ”great service” then there’s a good chance you’ve been given an easily absorbable price increase year on year and you just carry on placing your orders. We had a customer recently who been ordering the same product from a supplier for years and were assured they were getting a good price. When they came to us we quickly found out they were over paying by £1000’s and a customer less than 5 miles away was paying nearly 40% less for the exact same products. Exactly who is looking after who and is a pleasant phone manner worth paying £1000’s a year more for?

My reps such a great person, I would feel guilty using your services

Don’t! Simple as that. There are a couple of great reps out there who genuinely do look after their customers but at the same time there are also quite a lot who don’t. However nice they are to you at the end of the day they see you as pound signs and a pipeline to achieving a usually over inflated target.  We know who the good ones are and we enjoy working with them as well. They fully understand how we work and what we do and are always more than happy to help and see what they can do. We already know by your location who your contacts will be and we will have a good idea what your prices will be like and who we will be working with.