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In 2020 The OrthoBroker became an exclusive distributor for one of the UKs longest running digital Orthodontic laboratories Clear Aligner Laboratories UK.

Clear Aligner was one of the UKs first digital orthodontic laboratories and has over 2 decades of experience in planning and manufacturing Clear Aligners for UK Dentists and Orthodontists. Working with the most advanced treatment planning software and using a superior aligner material to anything we have seen before the technicians have already created 1000’s of smiles up and down the UK & Ireland.

You may have already used CA aligners before without knowing, as for years they have solely planned and manufactured for other companies to “white label” as their own product. Now in an attempt to help combat the direct to consumer aligner market CA Laboratories have partnered with The OrthoBroker to offer their services direct to practices which means they can offer some of the most competitive prices and packages available in the UK.

As well as the premium product and competitive prices, CA are a UK based lab so offer fast turnaround times, technician assistance in practice hours and a very simple to use case submission process.

CA autumn price list