To celebrate a successful first month back after lockdown we are handing out a couple of pearls of wisdom we have come across throughout August! These are based on what we’ve learnt and also a bit of what we already knew

If any of these sound familiar then get in touch and let us help


  1. If you have been paying over £4 for a debonding bur you have been paying far too much
  2. If you have been paying £2 for a debonding bur that’s better but it could be better still
  3. If you are paying under £1 for a debonding Bur the chances are you’re using more than 1 per debond and it becomes a false economy
  4. Never pay full price for Utility Pliers or Cutters. No matter what the brand or quantity
  5. If anyone is still paying more than £1 for a Nickel Titanium archwire then you really need to give us a call


We have 100’s of little tips like this, covering a huge variety of products, so keep an eye out for them. Some of them are quite well known but there will be a few absolute gems as well J