The OrthoBroker is a professional brokering service for Orthodontic and Dental Practices throughout the UK and Ireland.

  • Exclusive Partner of IMD medical Devices
  • Exclusive partner of Clear Aligner Laboratories UK
  • Professional invoice consultancy service
  • Save £££ on your monthly consumables and sundries
  • Increase profitability
  • Get the best products for the best prices available
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Established in 2019, The OrthoBroker offers a professional procurement consultancy service which guarantees to save you £100s on your orthodontic consumables and sundries bills.

With industry experience that spans over three decades we have seen how prices and discounts from suppliers can fluctuate and differentiate from practice to practice. Using our vast knowledge and network we can analyse your monthly invoices and very quickly identify ways to save you money and increase your profitability.

Here are some examples of how customers using our Procurement Consultancy service saved themselves £1000’s per year

Practice A orders 10 boxes a month of product Z and pays £20 per box costing them £200 p/m.

Practice B orders 4 boxes a month of the same product but only pays £14 per box despite ordering much less.

The OrthoBroker has now obtained the same price for Practice A. This gives them a saving of £60 per month (£720 per year) on just one item.

Two suppliers sell the exact same product. One buys it direct from source and rebrands it and one buys it through a global company to keep the brand name. The supplier who buys from source is 50% cheaper in price. The OrthoBroker switched their customer to the cheaper supplier giving them a saving of £50 per month (£600 per year).
Practice A pays £4.50 + vat for a well known product. They then sell this to patients for £7.50 to make £2.10 profit per sale. On average they sell 100 of this product per month making £210 profit (£2520 per year).

Through The OrthoBroker, Practice B buys and sells the same amount as Practice A but they only pay £3.50 (£4.20) per item. On top of this they also now receive additional free product which they also sell for £1.50 each. This means their profit overall is £4.80 per item so per month they are making £480 (£5760 per year).

So on this one item The OrthoBroker has made Practice B an extra £3240 profit in a year.

These are just a few examples of the many ways The OrthoBroker can save you money.

How does The OrthoBroker work?

Procurement & Invoice Analysis


All we ask is that you send us your last 6 months invoices from all your suppliers big or small. Ideally this would be sent in an email attachment. This is very easy to obtain, you can either contact your suppliers through their head office or local representative who can arrange this for you. Alternatively, you can give us permission to request this on your behalf to save you time and effort.

Once we receive them all we will work through them line by line and product by product identifying savings well into the £1000’s per year. We don’t just identify where we believe you could be paying lower prices, we also look for products that are supplied by multiple distributors and compare the various prices that each one charges.

As part of the consultation we will provide you with a comprehensive report highlighting all the areas we see a potential cost saving for you. This could be through renegotiating your existing prices with the current supplier, advising changing to a better product that is cheaper or recommending bulk buying based on the quantities you are ordering.

We also offer a 100% refund if after this consultation we are unable to offer you any cost savings.

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